KNX Live Platform provides education and expertise in the field of energy efficiency and energy management as well as automation solutions in the construction sector.


To have in the planet only Zero Emission Buildings.


Our mission is to make everyday life better for each professional in building sector, helping you, to achieve the maximum energy efficiency and functionality in buildings, through our excellent and specialized services.


All training seminars for products and certification.

Zero Emission Buildings

Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

Building Automation

Building Automation reduces energy consumption and the associated operating costs securing energy efficiency up to 90% and offering a comfort place to the users

Great course to get an introduction in building automation with KNX. The instructor shows a wealth of knowledge and will help you to understand the importance of KNX with all advantages and energy efficiency benefits.
Dexter Malonzo
The seminar was extremely helpful for anyone who is working on upgrading buildings and homes from both energy-efficient and building-automation perspectives and the possibilities offered to the users.
Simo Kasittula
Mechanical Engineer
A very interesting and educational seminar, with only good experiences and a lot of knowledge.
Marwan Mohammed Saeed
A a very successful KNX Course. I will continue my KNX path through your courses. I strongly recommend this KNX Basic Course to everyone thinking to become a member of the KNX family. Thanks.
Shalini R Nair

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