ABB KNX Online Advanced Training

2,400.00 1,800.00


ABB KNX Online Advanced Training

2,400.00 1,800.00

Learn all advanced functions of ABB KNX products like: Locking / Disable, ​Extended edges, Priority, ​Logic Operations, ​8-bit Regulation, ​Scenes in actuators, Scenes in push buttons (scene module), ​Same Dimming Time, Adjust ​Telegram Times, ​Blind Automatic function, ​Wind Alarm, ​Disable/Range Limits function, ​Energy Metering, ​Hours Metering, ​Movement/Presence Detection Standard function and Dimming, Detection Master-Slave systems, Detection and Setpoint Light Regulation function, ​Scenes and Argus with Light Control, ​Heating-Cooling and additional level function, ​Heating-Cooling Individual Room function, ​Heating-Cooling with Fan Actuator, ​Heating-Cooling Scene with Argus function and ​Extended Logic Operations.

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You will have access to KNX live platform for 5 days.

The KNX Live Lab consists of 4 demos, each of them has 20 KNX ABB products for advanced training. The user can interact with the KNX product programming button in order to download/unload the individual address and the application. Moreover, the user is able to interact in real-time with the KNX push-buttons, the actuator’s manual push-buttons, the status feedback led, and to activate magnetic contacts and special sensors, such as motion/presence detectors and weather stations.

After the purchase, you will receive an email with instructions and your credentials in order to login to KNX live Platform!



Switch/Blind Actuator 12x/10A

​Dimmer Actuator

​Blind Actuator

​Switch Actuator with Current Detection

Movement Detector

​Presence Detector

​Heating – Cooling

​Logic Module



​Locking / Disable

​Extended edges


​Logic Operations

​8-bit Regulation

​Scenes in actuators

Scenes in push buttons (scene module)

​Same Dimming Time

​Telegram Times

​Blind Automatic function

​Wind Alarm

​Disable/Range Limits function

​Energy Metering

​Hours Metering

​Movement/Presence Detection Standard function and Dimming

​Movement/Presence Detection Master-Slave systems

​Movement/Presence Detection and Setpoint Light Regulation function

​Movement/Presence Detection and Setpoint Light Regulation function  automatic/manual

​Scenes and Argus with Light Control

​Heating-Cooling and additional level function

​Heating-Cooling Individual Room function

​Heating-Cooling with Fan Actuator

​Heating-Cooling Scene with Argus function

​Extended Logic Operations

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