Schneider KNX Online Advanced Training

2,400.00 1,800.00


Schneider KNX Online Advanced Training

2,400.00 1,800.00

Learn all advanced functions of Schneider Electric KNX products like: Locking / Disable, ​Extended edges, Priority, ​Logic Operations, ​8-bit Regulation, ​Scenes in actuators, Scenes in push buttons (scene module), ​Same Dimming Time, Adjust ​Telegram Times, ​Blind Automatic function, ​Wind Alarm, ​Disable/Range Limits function, ​Energy Metering, ​Hours Metering, ​Movement/Presence Detection Standard function and Dimming, Detection Master-Slave systems, Detection and Setpoint Light Regulation function, ​Scenes and Argus with Light Control, ​Heating-Cooling and additional level function, ​Heating-Cooling Individual Room function, ​Heating-Cooling with Fan Actuator, ​Heating-Cooling Scene with Argus function and ​Extended Logic Operations.

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You will have access to KNX live platform for 5 days.

The KNX Live Lab consists of 4 demos, each of them has 20 Schneider Electric products for advanced training. The user can interact with the KNX product programming button in order to download/unload the individual address and the application. Moreover, the user is able to interact in real-time with the KNX push-buttons, the actuator’s manual push-buttons, the status feedback led, and to activate magnetic contacts and special sensors, such as motion/presence detectors and weather stations.

At any time, an online-stream camera shows all the actions performed at the installation.

After the purchase, you will receive an email with instructions and your credentials in order to login to KNX live Platform!



Switch/Blind Actuator 24x/12x/10A

​Dimmer Actuator

​Blind Actuator

​Switch Actuator with Current Detection

Movement Detector

​Presence Detector

​Heating – Cooling

​Logic Module



​Locking / Disable

​Extended edges


​Logic Operations

​8-bit Regulation

​Scenes in actuators

Scenes in push buttons (scene module)

​Same Dimming Time

​Telegram Times

​Blind Automatic function

​Wind Alarm

​Disable/Range Limits function

​Energy Metering

​Hours Metering

​Movement/Presence Detection Standard function and Dimming

​Movement/Presence Detection Master-Slave systems

​Movement/Presence Detection and Setpoint Light Regulation function

​Movement/Presence Detection and Setpoint Light Regulation function  automatic/manual

​Scenes and Argus with Light Control

​Heating-Cooling and additional level function

​Heating-Cooling Individual Room function

​Heating-Cooling with Fan Actuator

​Heating-Cooling Scene with Argus function

​Extended Logic Operations


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