KNX online practical part from your home!

The only KNX training center that provides the online practical part for the KNX-certified basic, advanced, and HVAC courses.

KNX Live Platform was developed by the company “Building Automation Intelligence” in Thessaloniki. The aim is to offer the know-how of the automation of buildings with the KNX protocol, to engineers from all over the world!

KNX Live Platform offers to users the possibility beyond the theoretical part, and the online KNX practical part on real KNX equipment. The KNX Live Platform offers users not only the theoretical part but also the online KNX practical part on real KNX equipment. The users interact online with real KNX products, from their premises.

The most efficient training for you!

KNX Live Platform has been funded by national and International funds for the innovation of the online KNX practical part. The KNX Live Platform team is deeply experienced and expertised in building automation at Schneider Electric.

Passionate about the Startup Innovation Ecosystem. Moreover participates in various innovative European projects on building energy management and building user comfort. The KNX Live Platform and the KNX online certified seminars were selected for their innovation, among the 25 of the international MIT EF competition for start-ups.