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KNX Live Platform is a certified KNX training center that provides KNX online-certified training & seminars (basic, advanced, and HVAC). In more detail, with the KNX online-certified training & seminars, the user has access to the platform 24/24 hours a day and can attend the theory according to the official presentations of the KNX organization.

For example, during the practical sessions, the user has remote access to a real KNX installation of our center. First, the user creates his projects and programs, and commissions real KNX devices. For instance, he presses the push-buttons of KNX switches, and the programming buttons of the devices, and activates special sensors (weather station, motion/presence detectors). Last but not least, he monitors the equipment and the results of the exercise through an IP camera. Specifically, the trainee implements 11 exercises, i.e. without losing working hours, in a classroom seminar.

Create, for example, the first project of the KNX online certified basic course on real KNX devices.

  • First, design the building structure by entering the building spaces.
  • Select the topology.
  • Insert the HVAC devices into the building topology.
  • Configure KNX devices.
  • Create address groups and connections to the KNX devices.
  • Load the individual address on the devices
  • After that, upload the program to the KNX products
  • Additionally, use the diagnostic tools and monitor telegrams
  • Moreover, activate the lamp through the ETS software
  • Find which device is in programming mode
  • Last but not least, discover a device with a specific individual address that participates in your project
  • In conclusion, run a line scan and see all KNX devices present in your project

Above all, we recommend watching the video first to understand the KNX Live Platform.

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