Learn KNX online from your home programming real KNX products Download individual address and application program to KNX real devices. Courses Free Demo Slide Because the real is always better than the virtual! 5 days online practice to real
KNX devices at your home!
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The KNX Live platform is funded by national and European resources. The KNX Live platform is an innovative technology that allows users to interact with real KNX products as if they were in front of them. Create and test your project live! Download individual addresses and application programs into KNX devices! Use diagnostic tools in real KNX installation and not in virtual!

Interaction with KNX products in real-time!

Real KNX devices (not virtual)!

Theoretical and practical part (9 exercises)!

Additional access to 120 exercises for 15 days!

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The team consists of experienced tutors in Electrical Engineering and KNX with 15 years at Schneider Electric and deep know-how in Building Automation.

Certified KNX training center!

15 years experience in building automation!

Experienced Tutors!

Immediate respone!

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Learn and program real KNX products whenever you want, according to your personal needs.

Online certified KNX courses and KNX products training!

24 hours/day access to real KNX devices!

Booking according to your schedule!

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