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The KNX Live Platform is funded from European funds. The KNX Live Platform is an innovative SaaS patented technology providing to the users an online interaction with real KNX products, as if they were in front of them.

Real-time online interaction

KNX certified real products

Theoretical part

Practical Part

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The Prodigious eLearning Courses for you

The team consists of 3 experienced Electric Engineer and KNX tutors with 15 years at Schneider Electric and deep know-how in Building Automation.

Certified KNX training center

Fully equipped laboratory

Long experienced tutors

Fast response request

Discover The Courses

The Prodigious eLearning Courses for you

Simple, flexible and predictable pricing. Select which service is suitable for you.

Online Seminars (Basic / Advanced / Professional)

Online training

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Discover The Courses

Commited Quality

Students from all over the world

12 different course options

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