Christodoulos Spagkakas is an experienced Electric Engineer MSc with 15 years of experience at Schneider Electric and deep know-how in building automation. Christodoulos Spagkakas is an active and extroverted entrepreneur, passionate about the Startup Innovation Ecosystem. He is a Ph.D. candidate, researcher in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Western Macedonia and participates in various innovative European projects for the management of energy in buildings and the comfort of users in the building. In 2019 he founded "RespiFit" together with Al. Alexopoulos and two pulmonary doctors (Tryfon Stavros, director of the Papanikolaou Pulmonary Clinic, and Hatziapostolou Panagiotis, director of the Euromedica Pulmonary Clinic). RespiFit is a digital healthcare company that provides personalized management and forecasting solutions for people with respiratory problems (asthma, COPD) as well as the detection of the TB bacterium indoors.