1. Online KNX Basic Certification Course (English Edition)


Available in 7 languages

(English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Russian)

The KNX Basic course is the first course that one must attend in order to become a KNX Partner and in order to be listed as a KNX Partner on the KNX website.
You will have access to KNX live platform for 4 days (4 X 24 = 96 hours).
The students only need a simple computer with an internet browser to access the campus and reserve their theoretical and practical sessions.
During the practical sessions, the students obtain remote access to a real KNX installation situated in our center.
The students can program the devices using the ETS tool, do the commissioning of the devices, and test the results directly.
At any time, an online-stream camera shows all the actions performed at the installation. The theoretical and practical contents are officially approved by KNX International.

The following topics are conveyed during a KNX Basic course:
ΚΝΧ Arguments
System Overview
ΚΝΧ Topology
ΚΝΧ Devices
ΚΝΧ Installation
KNX Project design with ETS
KNX Commissioning ETS
Diagnostic Tools ETS5

Εxams at the end of the KNX Basic course there is a theoretical and practical exam in order to test the course participant’s basic KNX knowledge.

Prerequisite to follow the course: None
Duration of course: 30 hours
Training documentation: standardized
Notes to pass both exams: 50 %
The course is given by KNX Certified Tutor
Certification: Possibility to obtain the KNX Partner Certification issued by the KNX Association, ordering additional presencial exams and practice.

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